• OBU Masuta BUTLER SS Scissor 5.5
OBU Scissors - Japanese Steel

OBU Masuta BUTLER SS Scissor 5.5

The Butler is always on call - to deliver and please. Premium Japanese steel that is perfect for those who want what they want, when they want it.

Get the right feel, the right tension and the right direction. At your beck and call the Butler's swivel handle caters to your every whim and angle. Reduces strain by adapting to your individual grip and movement. Covers all bases from blunt and point cutting to chipping and texturising.

Partner with the Butler and you also receive: the OBU lined protective hard Case, soft Scissor Pouch, Finger Inserts, Cleaning Cloth, Scissor Oil Applicator Pen, Tension Key PLUS the OBU Lifetime Quality Guarantee*.

Model no: OBU580-55
Right Hand; Length: 5.5”
Swivel Handle, Convex edge blades
Weight: 45 grams silver Masuta steel. Rockwell Hardness Score: 59-60

"A good Butler should save his employer's life at least once a day"