Say Goodbye to Summer Hair Damage with These 5 Products

Say Goodbye to Summer Hair Damage with These 5 Products!

Summer is one of the best opportunities to show off a fresh new cut and/or colour. In typical Australian fashion, the sun brings people outdoors and socialising; beach BBQs, pool parties, hiking with friends, camping, and other outdoor activities all leave your hair exposed to the sun’s rays. Unfortunately, the beachy blonde highlights you develop during the sunny months are the equivalent of bleaching your hair. This process permanently removes the colour that you’ve spent so much time and money perfecting. As with bleaching, extended sun exposure damages the hair’s cuticle along with the strengthening protein Keratin.


Sun is not the only factor in summer hair damage. The warmer afternoons and nights motivate people to dress up and go out. Wanting to look their best, people style their hair with flat irons, curling irons, rollers, and hairdryers. It’s common knowledge that heat styling can be very drying without the right protective haircare products.


Combining all these factors - salon bleaching, sun bleaching, and heat styling - creates a recipe for damaged and fragile hair follicles. Ironically, the methods you use to perfect your appearance can impede the strength, texture, and shine of your hair.


Do any of these causes of summer hair damage apply to you? If so, keep reading for our selection of salon-grade products that are best suited to protecting and repairing your damaged locks.





Awapuhi Wild Ginger is a premium haircare range from Paul Mitchell that contains natural Awapuhi extract. The juice from organically grown Awapuhi plants is sourced from Paul Mitchell’s own solar powered and self-sustaining farm in Hawaii. These plants have been used by native Hawaiians for centuries to soften their skin and hair. Today, the plant’s supreme moisturising benefits are being used in one of our best-selling products to balance and add moisture to dry hair.

The Moisturizing Lather Shampoo from the Repair collection combines the traditional beauty enhancing methods of the native Hawaiians, and the exclusive modern technology of KeraTriplex. This luxurious blend of keratin proteins repairs and strengthens every strand for healthy-looking hair.


This shampoo is gentle enough to use daily and is perfect to cleanse hair after a summer swim in salt or chlorinated water. You can also be reassured that this product is sulphate and paraben free and not tested on animals.





No need to avoid chlorinated pools to protect your hair this summer. Shampoo Three deeply cleanses and clarifies hair to remove chlorine, iron, and minerals that can give hair a greenish tint. This product works on all hair types to wash away dulling build-up, strengthen strands, and minimizes future build-up.

After enjoying a dip in the pool, massage Shampoo Three into wet hair. Rinse and repeat as needed. This shampoo removes haircare build-up, which helps hair masks and treatments to penetrate the hair follicle. Follow with a rich conditioner to replenish moisture lost in the cleansing process. Lastly, enjoy the  vibrant grapefruit scent that replaces the cloying scent of chlorine!









Treat yourself and your hair to a bit of summer R&R. The Ultimate Color Repair Mask is perfect for those who can’t help but enjoy the sunshine but don’t want to compromise the health of their hair. This rich hair mask contains the innovative Quinoa Color Repair complex to replenish proteins in the hair and strengthen strands; reducing breakage and split ends. The Ultimate Color Repair Mask also contains potent botanical ingredients - shea butter, jojoba and soybean oil - to leave hair healthy and shiny.

Sun enthusiasts can enjoy their time in the sun knowing that their hair health and colour is protected. This product is unique because it also prevents sun damage, giving your hair the best chance of surviving summer. This powerful formula contains UV protection, and antioxidants to protect colour-treated hair from fading, while leaving your hair in exceptional condition and ready for the summer days ahead.








Chemically bleached hair can make strands more porous and susceptible to sun damage, but don’t give up on your blonde locks yet! Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair is the perfect leave-in conditioner for blonde and highlighted hair. This product is enhanced with KerActive protein and a special blend of botanicals - safflower oleosomes and macadamia nut oil – to penetrate, repair and moisturise hair that has been weakened by lightening processes.

Generously mist Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair onto hair, from ends to roots, to strengthen and seal the cuticle. This paraben-free formula will leave your hair soft, bright, and light. Now you’re ready to show off your blonde tresses this summer.








Excited to go out without having to choose 3 layers of clothing? We certainly are! As Christmas draws near, the temperature rises, and social events increase; the heat styling tools come out.

Apply Neuro Prime HeatCTRL Blowout Primer before blow-drying to aid in the protection of hair from thermal damage. Advanced HeatCTRL technology reduces the rate of heat transfer from roots to ends, preventing up to 86% of damage. Prepping hair before creating the perfect hairstyle is another way to preserve the health of your hair, while delivering glossy and silky-smooth results. This seductively scented primer is also vegan, paraben-free, and ideal for all hair types.







We hope this list gives you a better understanding of the products that are vital for preventing, protecting, and repairing your hair this summer. Enjoy the sun and social events; confident that your hair looks great!